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A rainbow at Ultravioleta
pic by Zio Estrada


Byron Marmol
Hugo Quintoc
Sofi Novella
Pablo Aragon
Alejandro Marre
Claudia Lorente
Jakob Kattner
Stefan Benchoam
Zio Estrada

The Starting points

Basically we walked and talk and the issue was all about perception and how once
we switch our minds on to an open zone of understanding what's around us we can
" see" or "experience" something unexpected.
Very important for me to pass the info to all the group about the basics of my
"method" which is an anti-method any way and which is based on exercices about
awareness and perception and not about me passing on to them any sort of "orthodoxia"
or known theories about any sort of cultural or artistic issues of the times.
As well I did give a sort of very rutinary intro to some of the International Situationist philosophy and ways of seeing .......

The Michelada making

To make a Michelada was an idea that came easy between the group , it was a Red drink, and connected to the idea of my show, and had thematical links about the idea of how as a drink , the Michelada could be considered a revolutionary,rebel one , even if this was just then, on the spot, that this idea was taking form.
To make a drink that is so much part of the drinks that Centro America consumes was
a way of just doing something very simple but that mean that appart of getting quite
high on it we would found our selves experiencing our walks and conversations in a very
fresh manner and as much as possible away from any notion of orthodoxia.
Michelada making by : Alejandro Marre, Sofi Novella and Stefan Benchoam




If we think about the iconography of the film " Closer Encounters of the Third Kind",
which is the title and the concept that isnpired this workshop, then is not strange to see why there is a connection between this amazing building and the whole architectural
project around it, with the "shape" of the mountain and location for the closer encounters passed by telepathy to the protagonist by the UFO that just had fly
over his/her heads...
The idea in this case was to realize that a experience around this building , as with
any one, the case given, will be a way to extract iconography on one way or another
all related with "the object" and its sorroundings .
A very similar procedure to that of constructing a "logo" but with a totally different
means, having to do more with just "the journey" of the practice about the extraction
of images and work and less about "the results" as if had to be qualifying for a special and specific standart about art making....

Efrain Recinos Teatro Nacional Joya

The zine was an exercice about how material can mutate and be transformed
depending of the media is used, in this case photocopy and pasted bits and pics...

Despues de unos dias de paseos/derivas, se obtienen
unos iconos ( fotos, dibujos, notas etc )se les denomina
iconos por que de alguna manera se puede entender que de
esos elementos se puede extraer y formar lo iconico, pero
no en el sentido de iconico como algo especial y unico ( religioso/adorado),
sino como algo que luego se podra reducir, esquematizar y formalizar
como forma y contenido, como parte visual de un discurso propio.
Cada uno encontrandose con sus señales, con sus temas, con sus notas...
Como ultimo ejercicio de formalizacion , el Fanzine, el cut and paste,
la fotocopia etc , es simple pero da pistas de como ir conduciendo y
plasmando lo " encontrado ".
Ademas, objetivo del encuentro, crear una identidad de grupo y de como
ese grupo y su paso por el tiempo se hace a si mismo "Historico".
Despues de varias propuestas se elige LOS NITIDOS INVISIBLES,como
nombre del grupo, acordarndo que ese es el tipo de definicion, que resume
en un "statement" linguistico, el humor de esas vivencias y su dinamica..
siendo tambien este significado parte de lo "hallado " en el "azar" que fue
la base y la estructura de esos encuentros.
Los encuentros del tercer tipo sugieren una capacidad de coincidencia en el tiempo y el espacio. Lo que pueda generarse durante ciertos encuentros entre ciertas personas tomará una forma única y dejará paso a diálogos, eventos y experiencias. Surgirán y se desplazarán ideas, nombres y definiciones, práctica y teoría. Y la posibilidad de formalización de esas experiencias en planos virtuales como la creación de una página en Wikipedia sobre "los encuentros y los encontrados" a la vez que el transcurrir se irá desvelando en "formas" y "rastros". Todo material es posible, toda efemeridad es necesaria.


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