Friday, 13 May 2011


a No Dance Dance project
Movement paused on positions
Positions by process of a trajectory
becoming pose, repetition and difference
a dance of the pose and the captured seconds
posing by the building I fear and love
Inside huge Ivy arches
Like ancient coffins containers
Found Sculptures which to activate
by detour and misuse

so many possible existing body exercises,
coded and decoded
eternal production of shapes containing
all of the whole history of movement ,
all expelled , devoid and trimmed down to zero
in the territories of a body , at the subjectivity of stillness
at the bottom of the towers where nothing but the cube is
Urban filaments, an encounter at  a zone and
an area where a contingent has taken place , the
composition of the proportioned cubes and squares
mounted on to each other, the wild growth of the ivy
and the presence of the body that echoes both:
the basic equation and encounter of numbers intended
at the reproduction of the same

Interrupted, stillness,a body placed against the grain of time
stasis feeding a movement awaking from a control delusion
algebraic character and mathematical rigour trying to find forms
that could still hold a transfusion of the visual in to the corporeal
in situ at the present tense at the reduced instants.

A pause and a pose that prolongs its timing
that tries to inhabit a sort of lapses a quietness of the essential
against the super dance the super gestures and its excess
at display an attempt to extract from instantaneity
a form of preserving the singularity of  its existence

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