Thursday, 23 September 2010


Time Theft BCNproduccio/10

The notion of Stolen Time , Narrative as Montage in Cinema , accumulation of "visual data" and making Lists .
Film as the apparatus to deliver Time based , re-constructed , re-narrated "visual contents" that
become what R.Barthes calls The Third Meaning.
The film uses Barcelona's dark heart and memory of ruins , mixing far past and immediate past based on Walter Benjamin notions about the Angel of History and the use of juxtaposed contents .
Edited, highlighting structures of montage and narrative used for brain wash, political propaganda and  altering perception techniques , repetition and the subliminal induced ..
Time Theft was presented as an installation, a publication, an unfinished novel, a silent film, a soundtrack on a tape and a live performance.
Questioning the construction of narratives to produce History for the means of manipulation and control.
The piece it self was inspired on an archivist procedure and its method of compiling data and the practice of constructing Lists ( as in W. Benjamin ) .
The Screening of the Film , was set up in an Installation ( Set /Environment) as if a Party was holding a Propaganda Film Screening on a Church ( with all implications and references related to Barcelona's Civil War events ) Heaps of Propaganda News Papers and a deconstructed barricade.
Esther Planas performing the role of Agent E 2162 a Double Agent Provocateur, during a retro-futuristic revolution and civil war , reminding a kind of Breton's Nadja who questions us : Who am I??, activates memory and situations of control, power and punishment.
Containing images taken by her during a whole "derive" around the Raval area plus many just taken/stolen from youtube finds on net derives. Delivered as if a stream of conscience by the film it self, as a neutral apparatus  containing all sort of images, detritus, ruins and ghost.
District 5, Film, Death , Dance Apache,L'Age D'or, CNT, Addiction ,Revolution, Spies , Thieves , Aliens, Danger , La Criolla, Anarquist, Sci-fi, Torture, Industry,Ghost, Barcelona,MACBA, Bombs, Cocaine,Bullets ...........The revolutionary feeling manifested

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