Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Drinking on the Fountain of Art

For the show at White Cubicle Gallery , Esther Planas presented an unfolded zine ( containing cut up text from  Focault, Blanchot and Baudrillard plues her poems and a performatic series of pictures taken
previously at the site where Esther Planas is drinking supposedly some piss /urine coming from an anonymous source .....
Drinking on the Fountain of Art , was a site specific work , for her intervention at the gallery project which for the first time asked and artist to interact at its peripheral areas ( in this case the men toilet /pissoir and the Bar at the George and Dragon pub where the gallery has its White Cubicle site at the women toilets as its usual ( white cube ) where guest artist resolve/ install their works .
Giving that the space and the Pub it self is a known Gay pilgrimage venue , and wanting to respond to
the shared fetichism about pissoirs and men inside a toilet , at the same time that the Duchampian "object" has the same origins it  appeared almost a natural consequence to re-enact  and activate few of
the traditions and associations relating to our culture either as artist or as cult and underground lovers of pop .
Jean Genet, Focault, Philosophy , Duchamp, Maurice Blanchot , Drinking Golden Rain, Bruce Nauman, Jean Baudrillard , Critical Theory .
A film
A peformance inside a Zine
A ritual offering of Roses

A flowers offering performance , re-enacting the scene at Jean Genet's Journal du Voleur, where
a group of transvestites Las Carolinas go on procession around Las Ramblas de Barcelona ( my home town) and give flowers ( red roses ) to a derelict pissoir by the harbor

Esther Planas re-enacting as one of The Carolinas of Jean Genet 
                               ......................a moment of prayer for the pissoir


  1. Hey Esther!
    missing you so much!
    This year no frieze....i am bit sad missing all these opportunities to see you.
    Congratulations for the white-cubicle!
    I am a fan of you blog...so I feel less away from u.
    Many kisses

  2. Hey Jacopo!!
    will you come to Barcelona??
    Be there from next Monday!!xxx

  3. I ll be in Gjion in November.
    No Barcelona...when are u coming to Milan?
    Many many kisses


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