Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nature Morte

Painting by Alexi Williams

Painting by Esther Planas

Background work by Alexi Williams

Work by Esther Planas

Background work by Alexi Williams

Align Centre

Nature Morte

« Une authentique nature morte naît le jour où un peintre prend la décision fondamentale de choisir comme sujet et d'organiser en une entité plastique un groupe d'objets. Qu'en fonction du temps et du milieu où il travaille, il les charge de toutes sortes d'allusions spirituelles, ne change rien à son profond dessein d'artiste : celui de nous imposer son émotion poétique devant la beauté qu'il a entrevue dans ces objets et leur assemblage. »
Charles Sterling, 1952

Alexi Williams and Esther Planas will participate in a 3 day workshop as an explorative journey into the shifting nature
of perception through the extreme sport of looking and drawing repetitively from a still life.

Through exposing the creative act it ceases to be about the end product rather an exhibit of the shifting state of human consciousness.

This joint and timed workshop looks for the re-enactment of such classic procedures to become highly ritualistic and at the same time subject for their mutual scrutiny and dialogue.

The resulting works will be displayed during the next days of the show.


  1. haha SHIT! that looks so cool... well done!

  2. thank UUU!!!
    I missed you at the opening!
    We are still doing new set ups every week end!


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