Monday, 1 January 2007

A description of Esther Planas

Happiness is a Warm Gun - Esther Planas

On the 25.11.04 Esther Planas wrote in her online diary:
dear diary....seems I still alive...seems that no one h
as done it yet.....I want to do it..but fuck..I
am a coward...maybe some day....

Esther Planas is the achingly and archetypally
poetic visionary, playing out her own
life/love/art dramas in her work –
meshing it all together in a glorious
fuck it collage. Her confessional practice
predates Emin, influenced instead by the original
hardcore exponent of the genre, Kathy Acker.

Esther’s is a plaintive world where everything
is continually in flux. Her persona shifting
between the wannabe roles of rebel, rock-star,
artist, painter, poet, porn star and writer.
In her art this personal world is opened up,
creating a space for the audience to drift
through, to read her narrative as they would
a text.

As we tumble down the rabbit hole and teeter
on the edge of chaos we realise that unlike
Alice, Esther’s wonder is an underland created
from inside her own fetishes.

Esther Planas is a visual artist, writer and musician –
she is the publisher of Dark Star and plays with Dirty Snow.

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