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A description of Esther Planas

Happiness is a Warm Gun - Esther Planas

On the 25.11.04 Esther Planas wrote in her online diary:
dear diary....seems I still alive...seems that no one h
as done it yet.....I want to do it..but fuck..I
am a coward...maybe some day....

Esther Planas is the achingly and archetypally
poetic visionary, playing out her own
life/love/art dramas in her work –
meshing it all together in a glorious
fuck it collage. Her confessional practice
predates Emin, influenced instead by the original
hardcore exponent of the genre, Kathy Acker.

Esther’s is a plaintive world where everything
is continually in flux. Her persona shifting
between the wannabe roles of rebel, rock-star,
artist, painter, poet, porn star and writer.
In her art this personal world is opened up,
creating a space for the audience to drift
through, to read her narrative as they would
a text.

As we tumble down the rabbit hole and teeter
on the edge of chaos we realise that unlike
Alice, Esther’s wonder is an underland created
from inside her own fetishes.

Esther Planas is a visual artist, writer and musician –
she is the publisher of Dark Star and plays with Dirty Snow.


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is a question of power
power it self must be
abolished ---- and not
solely because of the
refusal to be dominated
which is at the heart of
all traditional struggles--
but also, just as
in the refusal to dominate.
intelligence cannot , can
never be in power
intelligence consist
of this double
power has ransacked
all of the strategies
of simulation :
and self mockery ------
leaving the left
with only a phantom
of the truth
the terms
and "virtual"
summarize this liquidation
in which every
signification is eliminated
by its own sign, and the
profusion of signs parodies
a by now unobtainable reality.

field works visual note book about my interaction with PISO proyecto as guest to their Practica sessions during my "voyage to Puerto Rico "

During my trip to Puerto Rico coming from Cali , Colombia on the first days of December , I have 'encountered" all sort and most of unexpected situations , relations , reactions and context .
On this mode for the unsuspected , I "improvised" or decided to improvise at a very inspiring "action " I happen to be taken to .
The "action" consisted of PISO proyecto:
The context and the space was a "barrio" a "department for goof food" El Departamento de la Comida ( see link ) and its back streets .
Musicians playing and singing navidad music taked us for a mini ride "pasa calle" as in the most traditional style where we stop at the front of the houses and sing along and clap with the neihgbors all desiring each other Felicidades , Happiness .
Later we entered El Departamento, the PISOS where all placed close to each other, but separate in the front space at the entrance of the dept .
A woman stept and sta…

White Cubicle Gallery

Esther Plana's '‘I Love To See You Pissing For Me…’